Financial Center serving as collection site for soldier letter writing campaign

Financial Center Federal Credit Union is participating in the national letter writing campaign to provide the 600,000 servicemen and woman deployed outside the United States a Thanksgiving note of appreciation.  Notes written at home can be dropped off at any Financial Center location between now and Friday, Oct. 25. Visit for your nearest Center. Kids can also draw or color notes to be sent, but pay attention to letter guidelines below. The Credit Union has paper and coloring sheets for kids, as well as pens, crayons, and markers on site if you wish to write a note while visiting. No envelopes or postage necessary.


Financial Center was established in 1953 to serve military personnel at Fort Benjamin Harrison and later all over the world. Although its charter has changed to serve the entire Indianapolis area, the Credit Union maintains military and government ties, including Centers in the DFAS Major General Emmett J. Bean building and the Minton-Capehart government building downtown.

Letter guidelines are as follows:

  • All letters must be on 8.5″ x 11″ paper or smaller.
  • Please do not use glue, tape, staples, cardboard, glitter or otherwise attach anything to the paper. You can decorate by using crayons, markers, pens or pencils.
  • NO construction paper.
  • Use both sides if you like, but use one page per letter only.
  • Please do not send greeting cards or photographs.
  • Feel free to include your mailing and email address – sometimes military members will write back!
  • Individual letters should not be sealed in envelopes.
  • Please do not send anything but letters! We cannot accept donations of any kind, and they should not be included or attached to letters. 

‘The Big Thank You’ 2013 campaign is presented by The Bert Show, a syndicated radio program broadcast locally on I-94 FM.