Speedway Redevelopment Commission discusses potential new Man Street Community/Westview health pavilion

The Speedway Redevelopment Commission (SRC), Westview Hospital and Community
Health Network have engaged in discussions regarding the potential new development of an approximately
40,000-square-foot Community Westview health pavilion offering a multitude of outpatient medical care
options to residents of Speedway and the west side.

The proposed facility would more than triple the presence of Community and Westview in Speedway, in
both square feet and staff, compared to its current Speedway Family Physicians located at 1426 Main St.

“A major part of the Master Plan for Speedway is to bring high-quality services and facilities to our
community,” said Vince Noblet, SRC president. “We welcome the discussion and potential partnership with
Community and Westview to increase the local medical services available and quality of life in general for
our Town.”

The proposed health pavilion, which would be located along Main Street in downtown Speedway, would
provide a variety of medical and health services including family practice and pediatric physician practices,
as well as ancillary services such as lab, imaging and physical therapy. The health pavilion also will serve as
a family practice residency training facility for osteopathic residents. The services currently offered at the
Speedway Family Physicians location would be transferred to the new health pavilion.

“We are excited to partner with Westview Hospital, our newest affiliate, on planning for a brand new
facility that would ensure convenient access to medical care for residents of Speedway and the west side, “
said Jon Fohrer, CEO of Community Health Network’s ambulatory division. “This healthcare facility would
showcase our network’s commitment to caring for west side residents while positively contributing to
Speedway’s redevelopment efforts.”

If approved by the boards of directors for Community and Westview, groundbreaking for the new health
pavilion could occur as early as spring 2012.

– Edited press release by Lori Snow  Speedway Redevelopment Commission; Lynda de Widt,
Community Health Network; and Sue Yeskie, Westview Hospital.